November Monthly Tasting - 黑色優麥 The Dark Barrel

11月微醺星期五品酒工作坊會有6款喺唔同木桶陳釀過嘅啤酒,例如威士忌木桶、紅酒木桶等等。浸過木桶嘅啤酒嘅味道會更複雜,層次更豐富 ! 想知木桶陳釀過嘅啤酒會係點就唔好錯過我地嘅試飲活動喇!
地點:中環閣麟街15號國麟大廈4樓 HK Brewcraft
費用:$200/位 優先訂票:$150/位
The time of the year for dark, heavy, rich beers is here! We'll be trying 6 different barrel aged dark beers. Barrel aged beers often have complex flavors, absorbed from the oaky barrels and whatever that was in the barrel previously. They're perfect for the cold winter weather that's bound to warm you up!
Date: November 23rd (Friday)
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Venue: HK Brewcraft, 4/F 15 Cochrane Street Central
Fee: Walk-in: $200/p; Pre-sale: $150/p